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The Association of Canadian Teachers in Japan (ACTJ)
Active organization open to Canadians and friends of Canada. Good networking opportunities, eh.

The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
A very big organization, with lots of local chapters and meetings, several publications and the second-largest ESL conference in the world.

JALT Computer Assisted Language Learning Special Interest Group (JALT CALL SIG)

TESOL's mission is to develop the expertise of its members and others involved in teaching English to speakers of other languages to help them foster effective communication in diverse settings while respecting individuals' language rights.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MOFs front page: search for information on the JET Programme and Japanese visas.

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET)
Official Japanese government programme supplying teachers to public schools.

Japan Concept Corporation
Providing Language instructions for Corporate clients. Also providing employment for language instructors.

EF Education
In the past four decades, nearly three million people in 40 countries have learned a language with EF. Our results-orientated methods and commitment to quality have made us the world's largest private educational institution

BC TEAL advances the profession of teaching English as an additional language in British Columbia through professional development, promotion of standards, advocacy and representation of ESL professionals.

Teachers Unions

Kanto (Tokyo area) Teachers Union Federation
We seek not only to support our member labour unions, but also individuals seeking information on living and working in Japan as foreign language teachers. Teaching English (and other foreign languages) in Japan is a huge business. It is also the single most attractive way for foreign nationals to make a living in Japan. As the foreign language teaching business is such a lucrative industry and because there is such a large number of transient workers attempting to gain employment (usually on a short-term basis), the situation is ripe for the exploitation of teachers and students alike.

Kanto Teachers Union Federation Case Studies Index

Tokyo Foreign Language College Teachers' Union (TFLCTU)
The union and managment are currently in a lengthy and bitter dispute, created by the management in March 1996, when it attempted to break the union by firing eight union teachers, all union members, including the union president, vice president and general secretary. Then in March 1997, the management fired the remaining union members at the school. You can find out more about the KAIKO 16 dispute by accessing the press release, media coverage and gallery pages. 'The Draconian Times' on-line pages will also provide you with the latest information about the dispute as well as coverage of other labour-related news.

The NOVA Union of Teachers
For years, NOVA has been slowly chipping away at employees' working conditions. Regrettably, the teachers have rarely questioned or stood up against the management's actions. However, in the summer of 1994, teachers suddenly woke up and shed their apathy. Why?
NOVA Management forced teachers to sign a letter of consent for mandatory drug testing. Teachers were threatened with instant dismissal if they refused to sign the agreement. "Sign or pack your things," was the motto of the day. Faced with the threat of unemployment, most teachers elected to sign. At most schools, teachers were forbidden to take copies of the consent letters, nor were they given time to seek legal advice. This violation of human rights spurred NOVA employees to act, thus the NOVA Union of Teachers was born.
The NOVA Union is the only body within the company that will protect the teachers' rights and fight with all the legal aid at its disposal.

Berlitz Teachers Union
Berlitz General Union Tokyo [BEGUNTO] was established on June 30, 1995, in affiliation with the National Union of General Workers [NUGW], in response to a series of arbitrary decisions by Berlitz Schools, Japan [the Company], injurious to the interest of teachers and threatening to their livelihoods. The following are among the principles that guide this Union in its dealings with the Company.

Education Workers and Amalgamated Union Osaka New!
EWA is a trade union for all education workers, teachers and staff from kindergartens to universities, both full-time and part-time, public and private, regardless of nationality. It is based in Osaka but workers in other areas have already joined.
At the present time foreign teachers are having troubles such as dismissals, loss of Komas (university classes) and decreasing payment at many Japanese colleges and universities.
What is EWA doing right now? EWA is fighting for foreign members' interests, especially to withdraw dismissals, increase payment and stop loss of Komas.
But some universities/colleges and schools do not accept our demands and try to get rid of our members. We will make great efforts to win these cases. We welcome your support and contribution.



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